The Void Within is a large game design project that I worked on with a team, Team Nailed It, out of the Oulu Game Lab in Finland for three months. During that time. we worked on many concepts, designs, and requests. As stated to the right, I was tasked with making the art document that we turned in as a final.

Our game is set in Hell and our protagonist, Rona, is tasked with reclaiming her soul which has been stolen by the devil. She faces many trials as she goes through the layers of hell and discovers many things about the lies she’s been told throughout. We worked very hard to get where we are and we’re excited to see where this concept goes in the coming months.

Thanks to Team Nailed It for allowing me to help out on this project and for Oulu Game Lab for being supportive of the endeavor. Here’s hoping that we get to work together again very soon!

Please click the button to open the full document that we submitted for the game’s Art Bible.
I was in charge of designing this document, plus I made several of the pieces within the book itself. I have selected a few to highlight below. Please enjoy!

The Void Within Logo Screen Wallpaper.jpg
Art Pipeline Document v36.jpg
Poster sketches.jpg
Poster v5 (smaller).jpg
Aegis Rune Concepts.jpg
War Rune Concepts.jpg
Shard v3.jpg